Epoxy adhesives for the assembly of sterilization processing equipmentMaster Bond is a supplier of application specific adhesives, sealants, coatings utilized in the assembly of cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing equipment for the medical device industry. This apparatus ranges from ultrasonic, tunnel, cart washers to autoclaves, liquid chemical sterilizers, low temperature sterilizers, microwaves, and E-beam systems. Master Bond products have made a valuable contribution in construction of processing equipment that heighten both operator and patient safety. These user friendly compounds are resistant to heat, moisture, sterilizing agents such as bleach, ethylene oxide, hydrogen peroxide, steam and meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 for non-cytotoxicity requirements. Selection of the proper level of sterilization or disinfection is contingent on whether the medical device is classified as critical, semi-critical or noncritical. Master Bond is compatible with multiple similar/dissimilar surfaces and is being successfully employed for machines for sterilization and disinfection of non-invasive and invasive medical devices.

The Master Bond team of technical experts is working diligently to develop unique compositions to help improve efficiency, increase reliability, enhance productivity, streamline workflow, expand workload capacity while lowering total cost ownership. The serious consequences and dangerous consequences from inadequate sterilization cannot be underestimated. Contaminated patient-care objects can cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). This could result in adverse patient outcomes. Reprocessing of medical devices must be performed correctly after each use to ensure safety and avoid contamination. This will also minimize risk to staff at healthcare facilities.

Since there are so many variables that need to be addressed when implementing sterilization processing, Master Bond products are often customized to achieve these pivotal requirements. The complexity of these intricately designed machines entails overcoming numerous challenging obstacles to obtain the most appropriate bonding agent. For instance, ultrasonic cleaners are effective in reaching tiny crevices, blind holes by acoustic cavitation. Through mechanical cleaning, surgical instruments can be thoroughly washed down prior to disinfection and sterilization. Distinctive properties are necessary for adhesive bonding, sealing, coating in those hostile environments and under other severe conditions.

Many components/parts for sterilization processing equipment perform flawlessly when mated with Master Bond adhesive systems, even when exposed to extreme circumstances. They consist of automatic controls, gauges, valves, timers, alarms, detectors, sensors, recorders, locking devices, piping, vessels, connectors, motors, blowers, relays, heaters, etc. Some key compositions for this vital industry consist of protective sealants against liquids/gases, thermal and electrical conductivity materials, systems processing superior shear, peel, tensile, cleavage strength and adhesives with low thermal expansion coefficients. Other grades are available that are capable of withstanding thermal cycling, have high glass transition temperatures (Tg), filling gaps, fast curing, possess excellent durability, flexibility, toughness, provide stress relief, prevent corrosion.