Adhesives systems for mass productionSpecialized Master Bond adhesive systems are engineered for mass production applications. Used extensively for high volume assembly line production of automobiles, mobile phones, household appliances, microwaves, computers, brakes, sound and light systems, our compounds have contributed to increased automation efficiency. Labor costs for mass produced goods are lower than traditional assembly tasks. Mistakes emanating from human error have been greatly diminished through the use of automated equipment. Most important, mass production greatly increases the rate of productivity resulting in a lower cost per unit for standardized parts/products in comparison to other manufacturing methods.

In these flow production operations, workers often perform repetitive tasks. Materials can be purchased in large quantities and deliver a substantial high level of performance. Conveying systems are employed for increasing throughput speeds and now can even direct packages to correct destinations without human intervention. Fast, prompt distribution has given many corporations a competitive edge. Additionally special machines have been developed that can adopt design changes, maximize output per capital investment, save on unnecessary expenditures and feature lean manufacturing benefits such as nonessential motion and simple, easy handling.

Master Bond value added formulations are solvent free, can be precisely dispensed to join multiple similar/dissimilar substrates. They can be used to bond component too small to screw. They provide consistent, repeatable, reliable performance in adhering standardized parts. Master Bond B-stage epoxy adhesives possess many processing advantages for mass production in high performance applications.

The B stage materials can be pre-applied and parts can be mass produced and delivered to a customer to avoid bottlenecks. Available in liquid/pastes, films, preforms, cookies, B-stage epoxy adhesives provide exceptional strength, resistance to chemicals, moisture.