PrepegContinuous, fast, economical process for manufacturing composite parts. Racks or creels of spools of reinforced fibers such as glass, carbon, aramid are impregnated (wetted-out) with low viscosity epoxy resin and pulled through a heated die. Resin content is controlled, polymerization of the epoxy occurs upon exposure to elevated temperature and then the composite is cut to a specified length. Labor saving, automated process produces constant cross sections. Stiff, high strength/low weight pultruted parts offer protection against corrosion, high dielectric strength, easy machinability. Durable, cost effective epoxy matrix composites have excellent impact, flexural, compressive strength characteristics, will not rust or crack and have a long life cycle. Master Bond epoxy systems are noted for their long working life, low shrinkage upon cure and superior water resistance. Design/material engineers rely on Master Bond to meet demanding application requirements for the electrical, rail, construction, marine, paper making, energy and transportation industries.

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