One component, snap-curing epoxy system

Key Features

  • Snap curing
  • High temperature resistance up to +400°F
  • Can cure in sections up to ¼ inch thick
  • Withstands 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH

Product Description

Master Bond EP17HT-3 is a one part epoxy that fully cures in 3-5 minutes at 350°F. It is capable of service up to +400°F with excellent strength retention properties. Also, unlike many other one part epoxies, EP17HT-3 can be cured in sections up to ¼ inch thick. EP17HT-3 is 100% reactive and contains no solvents or diluents. As a one part system, it not only requires no mixing, but the working life is "indefinite”. It will not gel until heated above 200°F. EP17HT-3 has excellent electrical insulation characteristics, superior chemical resistance and outstanding physical properties. It is yellow to brown in color. There is a paste version called EP17HT-3ND2 as well as a slightly toughened formulation called Supreme 17HT-3 which offers enhanced resistance to thermal cycling and thermal and mechanical shock.

Product Advantages

  • One part system; no mixing required; contains no solvents or diluents
  • Snap cure: Sets up in 20-30 seconds and fully cures in 3-5 minutes at 350°F
  • Superior temperature resistance; serviceable up to +400°F
  • Outstanding electrical insulation properties and chemical resistance
  • Can cure in sections up to ¼ inch thick
  • Easy application: Unlimited working life—will not set up at room temperature

Industrial Certifications

1,000 Hours at 85°C/85% RH





EP17HT-3 is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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