Two component epoxy system for bonding, sealing, coating and potting featuring optical clarity and high temperature resistance

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Superb physical strength properties
  • Outstanding electrical insulation values
  • Excellent structural adhesive

Product Description

Master Bond EP30HT is a moderate viscosity, two component epoxy system highlighted by high temperature resistance and optical clarity. This system has a non-critical four to one mix ratio by weight. The system cures easily in 24-48 hours at room temperature and more rapidly at elevated temperatures; 150-200°F in 2-3 hours. The optimum cure is overnight at room temperature followed by 2-3 hours at 150-200°F. EP30HT is highly structural; it’s rigid without being brittle. It has exceptional dimensional stability and low shrinkage upon curing.

Most notably, EP30HT has a robust physical strength profile, especially tensile, tensile lap shear and compressive strengths, among others. Its electrical insulation values also are impressive and it is a good fit for smaller potting and encapsulation applications. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, glass, ceramics and many rubbers and plastics. EP30HT is highly resistant to water, oils, fuels, acids, bases and many solvents. EP30HT can be used for indirect food contact applications as per the 175.105 FDA specification. Both Parts A and B are optically clear. Its temperature range is from -60°F to +400°F. EP30HT has a highly attractive array of properties upon curing, and that allows it to be a desirable candidate for applications in aerospace, electronic, optical, fiber-optic and specialty OEM industries, among others.

Product Advantages

  • Convenient handling and processing
  • High mechanical strength, excellent structural adhesive
  • Superb optical clarity, high light transmission properties
  • Superior chemical and temperature resistance
  • Forms dimensionally stable, rigid bonds
  • Meets FDA 175.105 requirements for indirect food applications

Industrial Certifications

Meets EU Directive 2015/863

FDA Food Grade 21 CFR 175.105



Double Barrel Cartridge

Gun Applicator


EP30HT is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

Case Studies

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University wrote a paper about how impedance based microelectrode sensor arrays have emerged as a promising means for screening cells. In this paper, Master Bond EP30HT was cited as follows: “Parasitic capacitance between the interconnect lines and the liquid medium was reduced by painting the interconnect about 150 µm away from the electrodes with silicone EP30HT from Master Bond.”1

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