Two component epoxy system for potting and encapsulation features low viscosity and superior electrical insulation

Key Features

  • Long working life
  • Toughened, lower rigidity
  • Contains air release agent
  • Meets RoHS requirements

Note: EP30M3LV-NV complies with RoHS3 Directive (EU) 2015/863. It is a new version of EP30M3LV, which has been discontinued.

Product Description

Master Bond EP30M3LV-NV is a low viscosity, two component epoxy system for high performance bonding, sealing and encapsulation. This system is free flowing with a long working life. It has a forgiving 100 to 50 mix ratio by weight. It will cure at ambient temperatures or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. The optimum cure schedule is overnight at 75°F followed by 3-4 hours at 135-165°F. EP30M3LV-NV is a toughened system that is less rigid and typical of more standard two part epoxies. Also, this system contains an air release agent to limit formation of air bubbles upon mixing.

EP30M3LV-NV has excellent physical strength properties and bonds well to a wide variety of substrates. These include metals, composites, ceramics, glass, and many rubbers and plastics. Since this epoxy is toughened, it offers outstanding protection from vibration and shock. Additionally it resists rigorous thermal cycling. EP30M3LVNV is a superb electrical insulator. A table of electrical data with pertinent values appears below.

Other noteworthy properties include reasonably good chemical resistance to water, fuels, oils, acids and bases. The service temperature range is -80°F to +250°F. The color of Part A is black and Part B is amber. These properties along with its long open time and low viscosity make it particularly well suited for potting and encapsulation. This system should be considered in electronic, opto-electronic, aerospace, specialty OEM, and other industries, where a first rate system is required.

Product Advantages

  • Convenient mix ratio: 2 to 1 by weight
  • Low viscosity, long open time
  • Contains air release agent
  • Resists thermal cycling
  • Exceptional electrical insulation

Industrial Certifications

Meets EU Directive 2015/863



Gun Applicator


EP30M3LV-NV is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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