Low Viscosity, Optically Clear Two Component Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Resin System for High Performance Bonding, Casting and Coating Applications Featuring Exceptionally Long Working Life and Low Exotherm

Master Bond Polymer System EP37-3 is a low viscosity, resilient, optically clear two component epoxy resin system designed for high performance bonding, coating and casting applications. It features a very forgiving two-to-one mix ratio by weight. As an adhesive, it forms tough high strength bonds that offer excellent impact resistance as well as resistance to thermal cycling. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, ceramics, rubber and many plastics.

EP37-3 is also an excellent optically clear potting, encapsulating and casting system. Its low exotherm makes it an ideal material for large castings. In this regard it also possesses superior electrical insulation properties. Also noteworthy is the exceptionally long working life which, depending upon mass, could offer beyond 6 hours at room temperature conditions. EP37-3 is serviceable from 80°F to +250°F. This versatile system is widely used in optical, electronic, electrical, computer and OEM type applications.