Two part epoxy adhesive with ultra low thermal resistance properties meets NASA low outgassing requirements

Key Features

  • High thermal conductivity filler
  • Applicable in very thin bond lines
  • Unsurpassed heat transfer capabilities
  • Withstands 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH

Product Description

Master Bond EP48TC is a breakthrough material pertaining to thermal management applications of epoxies. This system utilizes a unique combination of special high thermal conductive fillers and is capable of being applied in bond lines as thin as 10-15 microns. Typically, thermal conductive epoxies cannot be applied in these kinds of thin sections. Since the thermal conductivity is high, and the bond lines thin, the ultimate thermal resistance is very low. The lower the thermal resistance, the better it is for heat transfer properties. Thermal resistance is calculated from the formula: R=t/K (where “R” is the thermal resistance; “t”, the thickness and “K” the thermal conductivity of the material). Using real numbers, when standard alumina filled thermally conductive epoxy is applied in 50 micron thick sections, the thermal resistance is 30-35 x 10-6 K•m2/W. With EP48TC, the thermal resistance is significantly lower: 8-12 x 10-6 K•m2/W, because of the filler and its ability to be effectively applied in sections of 10-15 microns in width. Simply put, this epoxy is second to none when transferring heat.

EP48TC is a user friendly system with a forgiving 100 to 40 mix ratio by weight, or 100 to 50 by volume. Upon mixing, It has a long open time with a paste consistency. The epoxy cures at room temperature in 4-7 days or in 4-6 hours at 150-200°F. To optimize properties, the recommended cure is overnight at room temperature followed by 3-5 hours at 150-200°F. The system bonds well to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, composites, glass, ceramics and many plastics. Other positives include a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, low shrinkage upon curing and exceptional dimensional stability. EP48TC has first rate electrical insulation properties over the wide service temperature range from -100°F to +300°F. The color of Parts A and B is gray. Notably, EP48TC passes NASA low outgassing testing. This very special system can be used in applications in the aerospace, electronic, optical, specialty OEM and many other high technology industries, where optimum thermal transfer properties are a necessity.

Product Advantages

  • High thermal conductivity and electrical insulation values
  • Exceptionally low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Unsurpassed low thermal resistance
  • Attains high bond strength
  • NASA low outgassing approved

Industrial Certifications

ASTM E595 Compliant

1,000 Hours at 85°C/85% RH

Meets EU Directive 2015/863



EP48TC is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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Video on Master Bond Epoxy System EP48TC

Featuring high thermally conductive fillers, Master Bond EP48TC is a two component epoxy paste that can be applied in bond lines as thin as 10-15 microns.

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