Two component, condensation curing silicone for potting, encapsulation and sealing

Key Features

  • Superb flexibility
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Highly electrically insulative
  • Service temperature is -65°F to +400°F
  • Very low viscosity
  • Cures at room temperatures

Product Description

Master Bond MasterSil 152 is a two component, very low viscosity silicone for high performance bonding and encapsulation. It is a condensation curing system and after mixing, it only requires air for complete crosslinking. Curing is at room temperature only, with a full cure in 24-48 hours. The mix ratio is 100 to 5 by weight and the system contains no solvents or diluents. With its exceptionally low viscosity, MasterSil 152 is ideal for potting and encapsulation. It combines high temperature resistance, marvelous flexibility, top notch electrical insulation values and wonderful optical clarity. It is capable of withstanding the most rigorous thermal cycling and shock. Its water resistance is quite good. These properties enable MasterSil 152 to be used in applications involving sensitive optical and electrical components. Some other specialty uses include encapsulating LEDs, optical fiber cladding and potting connectors. Its index of refraction is 1.45 and it can transmit light very well from 220-2,500 nanometers. The service temperature range for this system is -65°F to +400°F. Unlike addition cured systems, there are no substrates that will inhibit the cure. MasterSil 152 has prominence in optical, opto-electronic, specialty OEM and related applications primarily in situations where the
addition cured silicone cannot be used.

Product Advantages

  • Requires only the presence of air for curing; no substrate inhibition
  • Low exotherm; very long pot life
  • Will cure in thicker sections(>1 inch)
  • Low shrinkage upon cure
  • Very low viscosity ideal for potting and encapsulation
  • Excellent optical clarity and transmission properties
  • Lower index of refraction
  • Superior electrical insulation properties; highly resistant to water

Industrial Certifications

Meets EU Directive 2015/863




MasterSil 152 is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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