One Component Room Temperature Curing Silicon Elastomer Compound for High Performance Bonding and Sealing

Master Bond MasterSil 410 is a ready-to-use, one component high performance silicone elastomer compound for bonding, sealing, protective coatings and formed-in-place gaskets. This compound has a paste consistency and will not sag, slump or run off surfaces. It cures at ambient temperatures to a flexible rubbery solid when exposed to atmospheric moisture. MasterSil 410 is an excellent electrical insulator and provides vibration and shock protection. It is an acetoxy type silicone system, releasing acetic acid upon cure. It remains flexible and provides excellent service over the broad temperature range of -75°F to +400°F. It is available as translucent clear as well as other colors. It also has superb weatherability and moisture resistance. MasterSil 410 silicone adhesive/sealant is widely employed for its reliable and high quality performance for bonding, and sealing metal and most plastics. It also can be used as a protective coating and for formed-in-place gasketing.