One component, toughened epoxy system for bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulating

Key Features

  • Convenient handling and fast curing
  • Ideal for glob topping
  • Stellar electrical insulation properties
  • Withstands 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH

Product Description

Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2CCM is a rapid curing, toughened, multifunctional, one part epoxy system that can be used for bonding, sealing, coating, potting and glob topping. It requires no mixing and cures readily at elevated temperatures. Specifically, the minimum curing schedule is 20-30 minutes at 250°F or 5-10 minutes at 300°F. It is not premixed and frozen and its working life is unlimited at room temperature. It has a paste consistency that flows slightly while curing—ideal for glob topping. Supreme 3HTND-2CCM is a filled system with low shrinkage upon curing, good thermal conductivity and sound dimensional stability. This compound bonds well to a wide variety of substrates used in electronics including metals, composites, ceramics and many plastics. The service temperature range for this system is from -100°F to +400°F. It has very good chemical resistance to water, acids, bases, fuels and some solvents. Its inherent toughness allows it to withstand the most intense types of thermal cycling. Its color is black. The hallmark of this epoxy system is its suitability for many types of electronic applications. While its most prominent use is as a glob top material, it also can be utilized as a die attach, potting and coating system. Because it is thermally conductive, it transfers heat efficiently. This epoxy passes NASA low outgassing test requirements which allow it to be used in vacuum, aerospace and clean room applications.

Product Advantages

  • Single component system; no mixing needed
  • Long open time; rapid cure with heat
  • Electrically isolating and thermally conductive
  • Holds up to aggressive thermal cycling
  • Enhanced dimensional stability
  • Passes NASA low outgassing
  • Ideal rheology and flow for glob topping

Industrial Certifications

ASTM E595 Compliant



Supreme 3HTND-2CCM is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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