One component, toughened epoxy adhesive, sealant, coating and glob top

Key Features

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Fast curing
  • Withstands thermal cycling and shock
  • Serviceable from 100°F to +400°F

Product Description

Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2GT is a fast curing, toughened multifunctional one component high performance epoxy system that can be used for bonding, sealing, glob top and die attach applications. It has a huge array of highly desirable features, including no mixing, a convenient viscosity, sterling physical properties and very fast cures. Unlike many epoxies it can be readily and efficiently applied to a defined area. This epoxy combines excellent electrical insulation properties and thermal conductivity with top-notch dimensional stability and the capability of withstanding rigorous thermal cycling and shocks. It cures in 20-30 minutes at 250°F or in 5-10 minutes at 300°F with very low shrinkage. Supreme 3HTND-2GT can cure in thicknesses of up to 1/8 inch if needed. It bonds well to a wide variety of substrates used in electronics, including metals, composites, ceramics and many plastics. The service temperature range for this system is first rate at -100°F to +400°F. It resists chemicals rather well, including water, acids, bases and many solvents. Especially noteworthy, is its low level of ionic impurities. Supreme 3HTND-2GT is yellowish tan in color. As mentioned above, this multifaceted system can be used as a glob top or die attach and in other applications as an adhesive or sealant in electronics when the special combination of properties, particularly the limited flow characteristics when curing are desirable.


Single Barrel Cartridge


Supreme 3HTND-2GT is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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