Two component epoxy system for bonding, sealing and coating

Key Features

  • Non-flowing even when heated
  • Convenient processing
  • Excellent toughness
  • Superior thermal cycling capabilities
  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Very good chemical resistance

Product Description

Master Bond Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 is a special two part epoxy system combining robust temperature and chemical resistance along with very good toughness. It is a smooth paste, non-drip compound that will not flow, even when heated. Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 is easy to use with a forgiving mix ratio of 100 to 40 by weight or 100 to 50 by volume. Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 is a lower exotherm type system with a longer working life. It cures in 48-72 hours at ambient temperatures and in 2-3 hours at 200°F. To obtain optimum properties, the recommended cure schedule is overnight at room temperature followed by 3-5 hours at 160-200°F.

Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. It also has low shrinkage upon curing. This epoxy will bond well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, composites, ceramics, glass and many plastics. Its toughness allows it to be well suited for bonding dissimilar substrates and to withstand rigorous thermal cycling. Additionally, the cured epoxy is a superb electrical insulator. Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 is a fine choice for sealing and coating when a non-drip material is easiest to use.

Another positive is its resistance to a wide range of chemicals including many acids, bases, solvents, fuels and oils. Its service temperature range is an impressive -80°F to +450°F. The color of Part A is off-white and the color of Part B is light amber. This versatile system can be used in aerospace, electronic, optical and OEM industries, where this unique blend of properties is desirable.

Product Advantages

  • Non-critical mix ratio: 100 to 40 by weight and 100 to 50 by volume
  • Easy to process and apply
  • Lower exotherm system; longer working life
  • Noteworthy capability to resist thermal cycling
  • Reliable electrical insulator
  • High caliber chemical resistance
  • Non-drip application feature, even when heated

Industrial Certifications

Meets EU Directive 2015/863




Supreme 42HT-2ND-2 is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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