One Component UV Curable Polymer Systems For High Performance Casting and Bonding

Master Bond UV10FL-1 and UV10FLTK-1 are a one component UV curable modified compounds, ready for use as supplied, for high performance casting and bonding applications. UV10FL-1 is a low viscosity liquid at room temperature and UV10FLTK-1 is a medium viscosity liquid at room temperature. When exposed to a source of UV light these compounds form strong as well as superior chemical resistance compounds suitable for use over a wide temperature range (maximum UV absorption at 320-360 millimicrons). Castings up to ¼" thick can also be prepared. UV10FL-1 exhibits a higher tensile strength and stiffness compared to the somewhat more flexible UV10FLTK-1.

Master Bond UV10FL-1 and UV10FLTK-1 are not oxygen inhibited andtherefore do not require an inert atmosphere for cure. These compounds need not be fully cured by the UV source as polymerization will continue after exposure. Unlike other UV systems the UV10FL-1 and UV10FLTK-1 compounds can be cured in a wide range of section thicknesses. High bond strengths are obtained with metals, ceramics, glass, paper, many plastics and elastomers. Long term durability of the bond strengths is excellent even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions including heat and moisture.

The superior performance profile of the Master Bond UV10FL-1 and UV10FLTK-1 compounds is due to their unique chemical composition. Master Bond UV10FL and UV10FLTK are based on a specially modified polymeric system and contain an exceptionally effective latent UV curing agent system. The fast curing mechanism is triggered by any convenient source of UV light such as medium pressure mercury vapor lamps.

With commercial UV lamps, cures have been effected in very short time periods, e.g., 1 minute and less at ambient temperatures. Even with low intensity UV sources, cures can be obtained in minutes. No solvents or other volatiles are released during the curing process. Bond strengths equal or exceed those obtained from conventional room temperature curing two component epoxy resin adhesive compositions. Storage stability of Master Bond UV10FL-1 and UV10FLTK-1 compound exceeds 6 months under the usual storage conditions in unopened containers.