One Component, Low Viscosity, UV and/or Heat Curable Modified Epoxy Resin System For High Performance Bonding, Coating and Casting.

Master Bond UV10LVDC is a new one component UV and/or heat curable modified epoxy resin system for high performance bonding, coating and casting applications. When exposed to a source of UV light or heat, UV10LVDC cures readily to strong chemically resistant bonds, coatings or castings. The cured UV10LVDC compound can be used over the wide temperature range of -60°F to 300°F. For UV curing, the maximum absorption is found in the 320-360 nanometer range. Cures can also be effected by heating the UV10LVDC compound in an oven at 250°F for approximately 20 minutes. The dual cure capability of the Master Bond UV10LVDC greatly enhances the utility of UV curing technology by extending its applicability to assemblies comprising both optically opaque and transparent components.

The Master Bond UV10LVDC resin system is not oxygen inhibited and does not require an inert atmosphere for either UV or thermal cures. Unlike most other UV curing systems, the UV10LVDC compound can be cured in a wide range of section thicknesses up to 1/4" and more. This greatly increases the range of usefulness of the UV10LVDC system to casting and encapsulation as well as bonding and coating applications. Long term durability of bonded assemblies, coatings and castings is excellent even when exposed to adverse environmental conditions including heat, moisture, chemicals, etc.

Master Bond UV10LVDC exhibits high physical strength and superior chemical resistance to inorganic chemicals including acids, bases and salts as well as organic chemicals such as most common solvents. High strength bonds are obtained with metals, ceramics, glass, paper, many plastics and elastomers. The compound is 100% reactive and does not contain any solvents or diluents. Cures are effected with minimal shrinkage. Master Bond UV10LVDC's superior performance profile is due to its unique chemical composition which includes an exceptinally effective UV curing agent and a superior thermally curing catalyst. The fast UV curing mechanism is triggered by exposure to commercially available 200 watt/linear inch medium pressure mercury vapor lamps or similar equipment.

With such commercial UV lamps, cures can be effected in remarkably short time periods, e.g., 1 minute or less at ambient temperatures. When lower intensity UV lamps are employed somewhat longer curing times are necessary. As noted, oven cures can be achieved at 250°F in approximately 20 minutes. The physical strength, chemical resistance and adhesive properties of the fully cured UV10LVDC compound approach those exhibited by conventional epoxy resin systems.