Extra-Hard, Super-Abrasion Resistant, UV or EB Curable Coating System for Plastic Substrates

Master Bond UV11-3 is an extra-hard, super-abrasion resist-radiation curable coating system for plastic substrates. It is a low viscosity, clear, 100% reactive liquid that can be cured readily by exposure to UV lamps or EB radiation. The cure can be effected in air or under an inert atmosphere such as nitrogen. The cured Master Bond UV11-3 films feature optical clarity as well as high hardness and excellent abrasion resistance. They exhibit superior adhesion to polycarbonates, polymethylmethacrylates, polyvinylchlorides and other plastic substrates. The degree of hardness and abrasion resistance obtained compares favorably with that reported for heat cured hard coatings such as silicones, etc. Master Bond UV11-3 also has high resistance to staining and many common chemicals. Master Bond UV11-3 coatings offer high performance and cost effective protection especially for optically clear plastic substrates with excellent long term durability.