One Component, High Strength UV Curable Epoxy Resin Compound For High Performance Coating and Adhesives/Sealants

Master Bond UV15SP-1 is a new one component, high strength UV curable epoxy resin based polymer system for bonding, sealing, & coating with exceptionally high performance properties. It is a 100% reactive, low viscosity liquid at ambient temperatures which does not contain any solvents or other volatiles. When exposed to a source of UV light, Master Bond UV15SP-1 produces durable, strong, tough and chemically resistant coatings and adhesive/sealants with excellent electrical insulation properties. Fastest cures are obtained with light sources emitting at a wave length of 250-320 nm. Shrinkage upon cure is less than one-third that of conventional UV systems. The cured coatings and adhesive/sealants can be used over the exceptionally wide temperature range of -60°F to over 300°F.

Unlike many other commercially available UV curable products, Master Bond UV15SP-1 is not oxygen inhibited and exhibits a desirably fast cure rate at ambient temperatures even in the presence of air. The superior performance profile of UV15SP-1 is due to its exceptionally effective cationic catalyst curing mechanism. Post curing the UV15SP-1 at 90° to 125°C for 30 minutes will give it a glass transition temperature over 125°C, far higher than conventional type UV systems. This post cure is also effective in enhancing chemical resistance, particularly to solvents.

Master Bond UV15SP-1 can be cured in very short time periods, e.g. 1 minute and less, at ambient temperatures with various commercial UV lamps. A conventional 200 watt/inch medium pressure mercury lamp is recommended. Even with low intensity UV sources, cures can be obtained quickly. No solvents or other volatiles are released during the curing process. Cured coatings or adhesive/sealants are durable and tough and feature excellent adhesion to both metallic and nonmetallic substrates, from bonderized steel to Mylar polyester film. Impact strengths are high — Gardner impact measurements exceed 320 inch #. Properties of typical UV15SP-1 coatings are summarized in table #1. Storage stability of Master Bond UV15SP-1 is 6 months under the usual storage conditions in unopened containers.