One Component, UV Curable Glob Top Featuring Easy Handling, Exceptional Durability & Chemical Resistance

Master Bond Polymer System UV15X-2GT is a new, easily processable, one component, UV curable glob top, featuring exceptional durability and chemical resistance. UV15X-2GT is a thixotropic paste that handles well when encapsulating selected components and chips on circuit boards. The cured UV15X-2GT offers excellent protection from physical and mechanical damage that might occur in assembly and handling. UV15X-2GT has superior resistance against water and other chemicals including most solvents. Other desirable characteristics include outstanding mechanical and thermal shock resistance as well as the ability to easily withstand thermal cycling over its service temperature range of 80°F to 250°F. It also possesses exceptionally good electrical insulation properties. Most importantly, it has a rapid cure which makes it highly desirable for prototypes, repairs and assembly operations. Additionally UV15X-2GT is a unique UV system in that it easily cures beyond ¼" thick.

Unlike many other commercially available UV curing products, Master Bond Polymer System UV15X-2GT is not oxygen inhibited and exhibits a desirably fast curing rate at ambient temperatures even in the presence of air. As mentioned earlier, UV15X-2GT can be cured in much greater thicknesses compared to the typical commercial UV curing polymer systems now on the market; exceeding ¼" deep. Master Bond Polymer System UV15X-2GT can be cured in very short time periods depending upon type of UV lamp, distance of the lamp from the surface of the UV15X-2GT, thickness of the section of the UV15X-2GT to be used, etc. Typical cure times range from as little as a few seconds to 12 minutes depending on thickness using a 200 watt/inch medium pressure mercury vapor lamp. No solvents or other volatiles are released during the curing process. The cured glob top features a desirable combination of outstanding durability, toughness, thermal shock resistance and chemical resistance along with exceptionally rapid curing time. The UV15X-2GT is available in syringes, bottles or cans. It has a shelf life of 6 months at room temperature in the original, unopened containers.