High Performance, Elastomer-Based, One-Component Adhesive for Fast & Durable Bonding and Sealing

Master Bond X-5 is a specially formulated, synthetic, elastomer-based, one component adhesive for high performance bonding and sealing. This adhesive bonds well in both shear and peel to similar and dissimilar surfaces including metals, woods, most plastics, ceramics, glass, rubber, paper, leather, wallboard, insulation, concrete, plastic foams and stone. Master Bond X-5 contains 30% solids and has a carefully designed solvent blend which evaporates as the cure proceeds. An initial set takes place in Master Bond X-5 as soon as most of the solvent has evaporated. The strength of this initial set usually suffices to maintain the assembly and, with some adherents, will exceed the strength of the material. Bond strength increases as evaporation of the solvent progresses, reaching a maximum when all of the solvent has been removed. Master Bond X-5 adhesive has a solids content of 30% by weight as supplied.

All surfaces should be carefully cleaned and dried before application. They should be free of grease, oil, dirt and other contaminants for optimal results. Conventional cleaning methods such as solvent washing, vapor degreasing, etching, etc. are applicable. A convenient way of determining when thorough cleaning has been accomplished is to flow water over a vertically held coated surface. If the water runs off in a continuous film, cleaning is satisfactory.

Master Bond X-5 is a readily flowable liquid. It can be further thinned with ketone solvents to reduce viscosity. Cured Master Bond X-5 adhesive retains its high strength even after exposure or immersion in water and in many other chemicals including fuels, oils, etc. Master Bond X-5 also features superior electrical insulation properties.