High Performance High Temperature, Structural One-Component Adhesive System For Fast, Durable Bonding and Sealing Up To 500°F Service

Master Bond X-5HT adhesive system is a one part high performance structural thermal curing adhesive. This adhesive requires a minimum temperature of 300°F to effect curing. It is specifically designed for applications where fast-curing is desired and for heat resistance up to temperatures as high as 500°F. This product offers outstanding toughness and flexibility even in the 400-500°F temperature range.

The adhesives cures at 300°F - 400°F in approximately 15 minutes. Positive contact pressure must be applied during the curing process to assure good bonding. The amount of pressure needed depends on the softness or hardness of the substrates and may require 50psi for certain relatively soft materials. The adhesive undergoes a permanent cure that creates high strength, structural, thermoplastic bonds, with superior performance characteristics.

Master Bond X5HT adhesive must be bonded and cured with simultanous heat and pressure, either in a hot press or in an oven with clamps. It will not cure at room temperature. Coated items to be bonded cannot be heated separately and then bonded in a cold press. The Master Bond X5HT adhesive system is not recommended for cold or wet bonding or for solvent reactivation. It contains 30% solids in a low boiling ketone solvent as supplied.

The outstanding heat resistance of the Master Bond X5HT adhesive is demonstrated by its excellent high temperature dimensional stability and resistance to creep under a sustained load at elevated temperatures. The X5HT can sustain more than 10 psi indefinitely even at temperatures as high as 500°F after full cure.

Master Bond Polymer System X5HT adheres well to a wide range of substrates. It exhibits excellent adhesion to metals, polymers, composites, glass, and ceramics. Typical adhesive performance data is summarized in table 2. This product is not recommend for bonding polyethylenes, pololefins, fluoropolymers and certain polyesters. The retention of its strength properties at elevated temperatures is outstanding. Master Bond Polymer System X5HT contains a volatile solvent. Appropriate precautions for handling, use, and storage of this product is highly recommended.