High Performance Elastomer Based, One-Component Adhesive For Fast, Durable Bonding and Sealing

Master Bond X-5PSA pressure sensitive adhesive is a permanent adhesive with clarity and strength properties that make it ideal for pressure sensitive tape, label stock and adhesive-backed foam. It has shown excellent adhesion to paper, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam, foil and polyester film.

Master Bond X-5PSA pressure sensitive adhesive demonstrates high tack, minimum cold flow, good aging characteristics, high peel strength, and especially, high shear strength. In test evaluations in film applications, X-5PSA pressure sensitive adhesive samples were subjected to 1,500 gram loads (in contrast to the usual 500 gram load) on a ½ inch overlap and aged at room temperature. The results show that X-5PSA pressure sensitive adhesive withstands extreme load conditions for long periods of time (See Table 2).

Master Bond X-5PSA vs. Acrylic Adhesives

When compared to several acrylic adhesives, Master Bond X-5PSA pressure sensitive adhesive shows superior shear and peel adhesion, both unaged and aged. It is far superior to acrylic adhesives in initial shear and peel adhesive tests (see Table 3). After aging, it still exhibits higher peel values than the acrylics.

In the tests, one week's aging caused a sharp increase in the shear value of the acrylic adhesives. This increase is due to crosslinking during aging. The acrylics, however, were not crosslinked during the drying cycle and may require a much higher temperature to initiate this reaction in a short drying cycle.

Aging has no effect on Master Bond X-5PSA pressure sensitive adhesive other than causing a slight increase in peel adhesion. Peel values of the acrylics changed very little during aging. After two weeks, their peel values were virtually unchanged, although shear was further increased.