High Performance One-Component Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Resin Based Solvent Adhesive For Fast, Durable Bonding and Sealing

Master Bond Polymer System X-6 is a high performance pressure sensitive acrylic resin based one component solvent type adhesive for fast durable bonding and sealing. This unique acrylic resin adhesive system bonds well in both shear and peel to both similar and dissimilar substrates including most plastics, elastomers, paper, wood, glass, ceramics and metals. It features very aggressive tack assuring practically immediate bonding even to substrates having low surface energy such as polyethylene and other polyolefins. Master Bond Polymer System X-6 has a solids content of 50% by weight. The solvent comprising a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate and toluene. The viscosity measures 1000 cps at 25°C. This product can be thinned to obtain a lower viscosity if so desired by adding ketone solvents etc. Master Bond Polymer System X-6 is an excellent choice for bonding a wide range of substrates where durability, oxidative stability, non-yellowing, and UV resistance are particularly desirable performance requirements. Master Bond Polymer System X-6 contains flammable solvents, care should be taken to employ the product in a suitably ventilated area away from all possible sources of ignition.