One component, silver filled elastomeric system for high performance bonding, sealing and coating

Key Features

  • One part, no mix system
  • Cures at room or elevated temperatures
  • Relatively fast curing
  • Excellent electrical conductivity

Product Description

Master Bond X5SC is a solvent based elastomeric system with superb electrical conductivity. It has a paste-like consistency and is very easy to use. When used as an adhesive, it is simply applied in a thin layer to one of the substrates. The surfaces are then mated and fixtured, and the product is allowed to cure. Additionally, it can be applied in a similar manner as a coating material for shielding. Curing in either case is generated by the evaporation of the solvent.

X5SC bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, composites, ceramics as well as many rubbers and plastics. Upon curing, X5SC has reasonably good strength in both shear and peel modes. Since it is elastomeric, it is well suited for bonding dissimilar substrates and performs well when subjected to thermal cycling, vibration, shock and related forces. The service temperature range is from -80°F to +250°F, although it can withstand brief excursions at 350-400°F very well. It has good resistance to water and oils. This is a most appealing type of product with an attractive handling and curing profile. Its ability to cure readily at room temperature, without mixing and a minimal amount of solvent evaporation is certainly favorable. Most significantly is that upon curing, it has terrific electrical conductivity. This allows it to be utilized not only as an adhesive, but also as a highly effective system for shielding. This product is being used in electronic, aerospace and specialty OEM applications where this handling and property profile mentioned previously is desirable.



X5SC is available is various sizes and units to accommodate customer's needs.

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