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Free flowing characteristics of select polymeric bonding, sealing, coating, potting encapsulation compounds are essential for reliable performance in many industrial applications. These products are designed to wet surfaces well, penetrate void/cavities and provide intimate contact between tight clearances. They offer controlled bond line thickness, avoid air entrapment, have low shrinkage upon solidification, contain no solvents and are available for use in a variety of hardnesses. Rapid processing speeds including consistent, accurate spread rates can be achieved in high volume production usage.

Single component instant curing cyanoacrylate adhesives are engineered to bond preassembled parts. These water thin viscosity materials adhere well to metals, glass, rubber and most plastic surfaces. They can be manually or automatically dispensed, require no mixing, polymerize at room temperatures between tight fitting surfaces.

Master Bond capillary flow impregnation resins provide protection against moisture, elevated temperatures, chemicals including oils, grease, alcohols, solvents. They seal complex shapes to eliminate porosity/microporosity, cracks cavities in brass, bronze, aluminum, magnesium castings even under high pressure exposure. They are also employed for composites, sintered metals and ferrites. These formulations prevent corrosion in gear housings, engine blocks, microwave components, air power tool components, fuel pumps and steam fittings.

Capillary flow epoxy underfills for flip chip, BGA, CSP assemblies can be consistently dispensed to fill gaps quickly. They have a long pot life, cure at low temperatures, resist vibration, shock, impact and compensate for different thermal expansion/contraction rates. Systems feature high Tg, compatibility with no-clean flux residues and have low ionic impurities. Adding fillers to this composition will effect the viscosity depending on the size, type, shape, amount of the particle concentration.