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General Considerations

  • What surfaces will be bonded?
  • What is the bond area geometry?
  • What bond line thickness is required?
  • What bond strength is needed?
  • What physical forces will effect the joint?
  • Is a rigid or a flexible bond desired?
  • Will the assembly be exposed to high or low temperatures?
  • Will the bond be exposed to temperature cycling?
  • Will the bond be exposed to mechanical shock and vibration?
  • Will the bond be exposed to water, inorganic or organic chemicals?
  • Should the bond exhibit good electrical insulation properties?
  • Will the bond need to be thermally or electrically conductive?
  • What color bond is needed?
  • What storage conditions and shelf life are required?

Dispensing Considerations

  • What packaging is preferred?
  • Do you need a high viscosity or low viscosity adhesive?
  • How much adhesive is needed per assembly?
  • How many parts will be bonded?
  • Do you want to apply the adhesive manually or automatically?
  • Do you want the dispenser to be disposable or permanent?
  • How quickly should the adhesive be dispensed?
  • Should adhesive be dispensed in a dot, bead or shot?
  • How accurately should the adhesive be dispensed and placed on the substrate?

Curing Considerations

  • How much adhesive is cured per application?
  • What is the bondline thickness?
  • Do you prefer a faster, elevated temperature cure?
  • How fast of a cure is needed?
  • What handling time is desirable?
  • How quickly will the bonded assembly be put into service?