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Engineers have developed new haptic systems that improve user feedback for touch-enabled visual displays used for smart phones, tablet computers, gaming consoles, medical devices, automotive systems and touch screen kiosks. This advanced technology has enhanced the customer experience with engaging interfaces that provide elevated levels of functionality, lower audible noise, increased input speeds, higher bandwidth while overcoming distractions. Multiple epoxy systems offer cost effective design options in the assembly of devices for commercial, industrial and mass market applications.

Haptic Technology

One and two component epoxy compounds feature high reliability and exhibit low stress, optical clarity, moisture resistance, low outgassing and non-yellowing characteristics. UV/visible light curing systems provide fast cures for glass to glass laminations, gasket sealing and glob tops. Electrically conductive epoxy paste adhesives adhere well for indium tin oxide (ITO) connections. Compounds can be automatically dispensed and are designed for improved processing capabilities.