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From spindle motor sealing to heat sink attachment to MR head bonding to voice coil coating Master Bond one and two component epoxies are the systems of choice for hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturing companies. Our products are designed for high volume production and help improve storage capacity, speed, dependability, reliability at lower cost. Easy to dispense, these formulations fill small/large gaps and enable the assembly of thinner, lower weight devices.

Systems feature electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and superior light transmission characteristics. Additionally specific grades for HDD assembly offer low outgassing properties and are halogen free, alleviating environmental/safety concerns. Special bonding compositions have rapid set-up times and can be applied in thin bond lines for unmatched heat transfer capabilities. In addition, they have a low coefficient of thermal expansion and exhibit low exotherm upon cure. Electrically conductive, silver filled compounds with low volume resistivities and convenient cure schedules at room and elevated temperatures are used in DSA (Dual-Stage Actuator) assembly for interconnections. They are also available in premixed and frozen syringes.