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Select Master Bond epoxy adhesive formulations have been designed to offer superior chemical, electrical and mechanical properties upon long term exposure to heat. Structural integrity and reliability of critical industrial equipment/components are dependent on the performance of these adhesive bonding materials. In order to meet specific end use requirements, design/quality control engineers must give careful consideration to types of surfaces, geometry of parts, dimensions, stresses, temperature ramp rate and length of heat exposure at specific temperatures.

A key measurement used to determine load bearing capacity at elevated temperatures is heat deflection under load (HDUL). ASTMD-648 standard test method is commonly used for evaluating the heat distortion of various epoxy adhesive formulations. Under this test procedure a specimen is subjected to a flexural load and heated in an immersion bath. Specific Master bond compositions containing special fillers/reinforcements are harder/stiffer and excel in preventing deformation under constant loads and heat. These job proven products will adhere to a wide combination of substrates, offer high values, will not crack and are engineered for repeatable, consistent use.