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Packaging technologies are evolving to meet the new challenges of device/machine interconnectivity and interaction. The internet of things (IoT) has increased the level of performance requirements for sensors/actuators including MEMS-based products for wireless and wired network connections. Innovative technological advances have expanded the scope of data delivery, collection, storing, indexing and flow to enable smart products to update, fix, diagnose information efficiently. From medical devices to vehicle traffic control to household appliances to wearable technology to security systems, dynamic opporrtunities have developed that offer exciting new possibilities This will result in unprecedented improvements to the environment, our standard of living and the way we live our lives each and every day.

Novel application specific polymer products have been developed that will enable economical high volume assembly of these devices. Special consideration has been given to satisfying the need for smaller, lightweight, low power designs. Formulations with superior heat dissipation, low volume resistivity and low thermal expansion coefficients have been engineered to improve functionality and reliability. Specific grades can also withstand exposure to high/low temperatures, vibration/impact, moisture and many chemicals. Liquid adhesives can be precisely dispensed and quickly cured without creating stress. Additionally halogen free, low outgassing systems offer unique solutions and enhance product capabilities.