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One Component, UV Curable, Highly Nanosilica Reinforced Epoxy System

Master Bond Polymer System UV22 represents a remarkable technological breakthrough in the utilization of nanotechnology in the formulation of a one component UV curable epoxy for coating, sealing and encapsulation applications. This nanosilica filled system features superior physical properties, enhanced abrasion resistance and excellent optical clarity along with significantly reduced shrinkage after curing. The performance properties of UV22 surpass those of similar non-reinforced systems by as much as 50-90%. The cycloaliphatic epoxy resin phase offers superior chemical and physical properties together with improved light stability. The silica phase is comprised of surface modified synthetic silicon dioxide nanospheres of very small size (<50 nm) and with a very narrow particle size distribution. Despite the remarkably high percentage of nano particles present in the UV22, it still retains high transparency and a desirably low viscosity without sedimentation. This is due to the stability of the agglomerate-free colloidal dispersion of the reinforcing nanosilica particles in the resin phase.

UV22 cures rapidly using light sources emitting a wavelength with 250-365 nm with an energy output of as little as 20-40 milliwatts/cm2 with higher output facilitating a faster cure. It can cure within 5-10 seconds with proper UV curing lamps. The shrinkage upon cure is less than 2%. UV22 can be used over the wide temperature range of -60 to 300°F and will cure in thicknesses up to 1/8th of an inch. Additionally, UV22 has excellent electrical insulation properties and the viscosity of the UV22 system is adjustable to meet specific requirements.