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Standardized accelerated testing methods have been developed to evaluate the corrosion resistant properties of finished surfaces and parts over time. Salt spray and salt fog testing are performed in a chamber or cabinet to determine the feasibility of using an adhesive/coating to provide optical protection against exposure to hot, humid, cold and marine conditions. Controlled operating variables including temperature, air pressure, solution concentrations simulate actual environmental requirements for the test duration. The suitability of using the proper polymeric system is established after careful analysis of data is completed.

Salt spray and salt fog specimen testing is essential for corrosion prevention and assuring product longevity. The economic impact of corrosion is enormous and effects numerous industries such as automotive, power generation, telecommunications, oil, gas, chemical, marine and defense. High performance Master Bond adhesive/coatings are designed to match the service exposure needed to guard affected substrates. Examples of aggressive applications are offshore oil rigs, subsea equipment, ships, petrochemical storage facilities and refineries.