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Master Bond epoxy and elastomeric adhesive systems offer cost effective solutions for laminating a wide range of substrate combinations including hard to bond materials. These 100% solid systems provide long lasting protection against corrosion and uniform stress distribution in load bearing applications. Heavy viscosity thixotropic compounds to low/medium viscosity formulations can be conveniently, accurately applied by brush, roll-coating, spatula, beading in low/high volume assembly operations. They feature good wetting properties, fast handling times, improve aesthetics, fill gaps and cure at room temperature or upon exposure to heat.

Thin-walled parts can be effectively mated for weight saving in metal fabrications. Products are also employed as a moisture/gas barrier and to reduce noise/vibration. Chemical, plasma, corona, flame pretreatments are used to enhance bond strength. Durable, toughened compositions adhere engineered plastics such as ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, polyolefins and guard against shear, peel, cleavage stresses. Technologically advanced systems have optical clarity, long pot life/low temperature cures, thermal stability and resist cyclic fatigue.