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Intimate contact between the strain gauge and the substrate is crucial for reliable measurement of strain. Adhesive selection will depend upon type of strain gauge being used, placement, surface, mechanical/chemical/thermal exposure. Careful consideration must be given to cure speed, adhesive thickness and curing conditions (cold or hot curing).

Master Bond one component no mix cyanoacrylate adhesives feature rapid cure speeds and thin bond lines. These room temperature curing formulations are often employed in applications requiring measurements for short time intervals.

Long lasting Master Bond two component epoxy systems can polymerize at room or elevated temperatures. These compounds can be applied on uneven surfaces, and specific grades can be used at cryogenic temperatures, have high elongation and superior moisture/chemical resistant properties. Additionally thermally stable formulations offer enhanced performance. Stringent quality control is necessary to ensure uniform thickness and to avoid bubbles or voids.

Products have high bond strength to properly prepared metal and non-metallic surfaces. This includes aluminum, steel, iron, nickel, titanium, composites, polyamide, polyurethane, rubber and glass substrates. Roughening, cleaning, degreasing, clamping is often required to optimize results.