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Ruggedized epoxy potting/encapsulation compounds have been engineered to protect proprietary circuitry design from reuse, dismantling, tampering, probing and reverse engineering. These opaque systems provide visual security, guard against removal of chips, resistors, capacitors, transformers, switches, sensors, etc. and might cause serious physical damage if efforts to penetrate the epoxy are attempted through chemical exposure including acids, bases, solvents, UV light and mechanical techniques. High value electronic devices embedded in these epoxy systems offer security engineers protection against unauthorized identification of key components and will render such tampering efforts ineffective. Newly released products will be harder to copy, have a longer life cycle and will improve profitability.

These free-flowing, low viscosity, low exothermic compounds feature superior dielectric properties and resistance to corrosion, dust, moisture, vibration/shock, wear/abrasion. Specific grades are often employed for heat dissipation, cryogenic serviceability and exhibit a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Products have convenient cure schedules and have been successfully used in high volume applications. It is important to note that these formulations also have a formidable record in preventing attempts at information/data thefts.