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Yes, Master Bond offers a radiation resistant epoxy called EP33. The effect of high radiation on EP33 system was tested at the High Energy Research Laboratory in CERN, Switzerland and at the Rutherford Laboratory in Didcot, England. This work was part of a test program studying the radiation resistance of epoxies and other organic polymeric materials which began in 1969 and stretched out through 1979. Additional tests were carried out at Radiation Dynamics Inc.’s high energy electron beam accelerator in Westbury, L.I., NY during the period 1976-77.

The radiation resistance of the Master Bond EP33 epoxy resin system far exceeds 108 rads frequently required in such applications. The following are test data showing the effect of exposures of Master Bond EP33 to high energy ionizing radiation:

Radiation Stability of Master Bond EP33

Property Radiation Dosage, Rads
0 3x109 7x109 1010 2x1010
flexural strength, Kg/cm2 3227 3829 3270 3637 2986
flexural modulus, Kg/cm2x10-5 1.54 1.64 1.62 1.67 1.59

Master Bond Radiation Resistant Epoxy Systems