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Single component epoxies, silicones and UV/LED light curing adhesives are used for tacking wires in place and staking components onto printed circuit boards. These fast curing, solvent free compounds are non-corrosive and feature superior dielectric properties. They can be applied manually with tubes or syringe applicators and be precisely positioned without the need for fixtures or jigs. Rheological properties are engineered to ensure reliable, repeatable dot placement and tack free cures. Electronic/electrical components such as resistors, detectors, capacitors, chokes, coils are anchored in place immediately with rigid curing adhesives and offer resistance to vibration, shock or handling. Resilient systems prevent cracking in securing substrates with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion.

Wire tacking and staking and securing components on PC boards ROHS compliant, thixotropic paste viscosity formulations prevent movement and are employed in both assembly and for repair/modifications. These compositions have hydrolytic stability, weather resistance and excellent strength properties to most metals, ceramics, glasses and plastics. They also provide protection against alcohol, salts, mild acids and alkalis. Specific grades have low ionics, low outgassing, high Tg, and withstand cycling to meet specification requirements.