Adhesive packaging comes in many forms. View a demonstration on how to use a pre-measured flexible divider pouch, a convenient and easy-to-use way to apply epoxy.



Video Transcript

Thank you for joining us. Today we are going to show you how easy it is to use our two part flexible divider pouch.

This system consists of 2 pre-measured parts. Part A is the resin, part B is the catalyst. This packaging option is ideal for mixing multiple mix ratio systems and products that offer a range of cure schedules. To use, first open the protective outer packaging. Remove the clip and separator tube. Now you can knead the two parts together. Once there are no streaks and the color is uniform, the material is thoroughly mixed. Next, cut off the corner of the pouch and simply apply to your substrate. It’s an easy, error free way to mix and use a two part epoxy adhesive.

There are many advantages of the bubble packaging system. Pre-measured amounts provide consistent results, eliminate waste, and increase productivity. There’s no mess, making clean up easy. Convenient use makes it perfect for manufacturing and field service applications.Compounds can be formulated in a wide range of viscosities to meet your application’s needs.

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