A variety of Master Bond products were tested for their lap shear strength for PEEK to PEEK, with the results displayed below. In order to perform this test, 4 x 1 x 1/16 inch coupons were roughened and cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol.

Graph 1 depicts Master Bond one component epoxy systems. Among these one part epoxy systems, EP3RR-80 has the highest lap shear strength value.

Graph 1

Lap shear strength test results of Master Bond one part epoxy adhesives

As shown in graph 2 below, EP31ND displays exceptional lap shear strength.

Graph 2

Lap shear strength test results of Master Bond two part epoxy adhesives

However, when choosing the proper adhesive, strength properties are not the only factors to take into consideration. Specific processing and operation conditions must also be kept in mind. For example if thermal conductivity is needed, SUP12AOHT-LO may be desirable. If a lower viscosity is needed, EP30-2 may be more suitable. For more information on Master Bond high strength epoxy adhesives, please contact our technical advisors.

Disclaimer: The findings in this article are not meant to be used for specification purposes.

Lap Shear Strength Adhesives for PEEK

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