This year marks Master Bond’s 40th anniversary since we were founded by Dr. Brenner, a distinguished chemical engineer. He seized on the demand of high tech industries that were looking for a better alternative to mechanical fasteners. Ever since, we’ve taken pride in developing high performance adhesives, sealants, coating and potting compounds for a variety of industries. After all, we started this company by listening to our customers and formulating cutting edge epoxies, silicone and light curing systems to meet their needs.

Reaching this milestone makes us nostalgic for how Master Bond got its start, so we invite you to watch how it all began and celebrate with us as we bring you new videos throughout the year.

Behind the Bonds: 40 Years of Adhesive Manufacturing - Part 1

Forty years since our founding, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce how Master Bond got its start. Join Dr. B as we learn about the first orders and products that helped us grow into a leading high tech adhesives manufacturer.


Behind the Bonds: 40 Years of Adhesive Manufacturing - Part 2

Master Bond is keeping its 40th anniversary party going. In this video, we find out how Master Bond expanded over the years to produce new product lines and formulations that serve a variety of industries across the world.


Flashback: The Development of EP79 & EP79FL

Have you ever stopped and thought “What’s inside my PC’s hard drive?” It could be EP79FL. This flexible epoxy adhesive was developed as a variation of EP79 after an international hard drive manufacturer inquired about an adhesive for electronics that can bond substrates with different CTEs.
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