Adhesive bonding of ultra high strength steel improves automotive vehicle performanceUsage of ultra high strength steel is gaining popularity in automotive assembly applications. It offers reduced vehicle weight, improved passenger safety, lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Ultra high strength steel can be formed into complex shapes, has good machinability and superb fracture toughness. It also is cost effective, has superior recyclability and helps make high performance vehicles more affordable. Enhanced driving experience and quality control leads to brand loyalty.

Tough U.S. federal fuel efficiency standards by 2025 has accelerated the rapid pace of lightweighting. The demand for new technologies is growing significantly. Thinner gauge ultra high strength steel will open up new possibilities. Increasing concern with vehicle crashworthiness and innovative aerodynamic designs will give added momentum for meeting specific part requirements.

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High performance Master Bond one and two component structural epoxy adhesives maximize productivity in high volume ultra high strength steel applications. These compounds feature fast fixturing and cure speeds. They can be automatically applied, save factory space and contain no solvents or diluents. Tough, durable high peel and shear strength formulations have long shelf life at ambient temperatures. Products control noise, vibration and hardness (NVH). They also exhibit high/low temperature capabilities, chemical inertness, enhance stiffness and structural integrity.