Adhesive, Sealant and Coating Systems for Machine Tools for MetalworkingHigh performance structural adhesive systems provide machine tool manufacturers precise, reliable bonding solutions. From grinding to milling, to turning to boring, to sawing and drilling, Master Bond compounds are designed to absorb stress and resist vibration, impact and shock. Adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates including metals, metal alloys and composites is exceptional. Products are able to withstand rigorous thermal cycling, maintain their strength at elevated temperatures and have sound dampening characteristics. These formulations are compatible with a wide range of industrial fluids such as cutting oils and emulsions.

Master Bond's line of one and two component adhesives have played an important role in machine tool weight reduction, lower energy costs and component miniaturization. New designs have enabled increased machinery efficiency. Special rigid curing epoxy systems with enhanced stiffness have resulted in unmatched accuracy in close tolerances. Additionally unique fillers added to specialty polymers feature unmatched protection against corrosion and abrasion/wear.

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