Adhesives for Medical LightingMaster Bond manufactures a wide variety of adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting compounds, thermal management compositions for the assembly of many types of medical lighting equipment. These formulations offer dependable, reliable, long lasting performance and are engineered to meet stringent quality control standards. Our products have been successful in helping medical professionals optimize examinations, diagnosis, treatments, surgical procedures and aid in providing the best possible patient outcomes. From emergency rooms, ambulatory, surgery centers, maternity wards, operating rooms to dermatologist offices, clinics, dental offices, veterinary hospitals making the ideal illumination choices are critically important in accomplishing the required task. Effective lighting solutions will alleviate eye strain, eye fatigue, medical errors, reduced productivity, fatigue, stress for nurses and physicians which can have adverse consequences.

Master Bond is utilized in the fabrication of the following types of medical lighting systems:

  • Surgical lights
  • Medical exam lights
  • Penlights

Key considerations in selecting the proper medical lighting are:

  • Mounting configurations—ceiling, wall and floor mats
  • Portable stand
  • Illumination-shadow reduction and no glare
  • Accurate color rendering
  • Bulb type/light source-LED, fluorescent lighting, renewable energy, incandescent and halogen
  • Long-term, short term cost
  • Single and/or dual heads
  • Boom arm or track suspension
  • Power consumption
  • Color temperature and color rendering (CRI)
  • Heat management
  • HD camera and video monitoring
  • Maintenance

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Master Bond’s custom formulated adhesive solutions can be utilized to develop advanced medical lighting systems. This need has been hastened by the global population growth, rising life expectancy, soaring rate of chronic diseases and the hike in government investment in healthcare. Master Bond has been at the forefront of this crucial challenge and gratified by our input in fluorescent, renewable, LED, incandescent, halogen, infrared, magnifying, ultraviolet lamp technology. These efforts have made an impact in untapped market potential by achieving patient wellness and worker efficiency goals.

Master Bond products that are used in the construction of medical lighting equipment possess excellent mechanical, electrical, thermal, chemical, optical properties. Application specific grades are intended for lighting, controls, lamps, sensors, dimmers, power supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, transformers, switches, generators, circuits, connectors, rechargeable batteries. These components, parts, subsystems, systems are employed for medical lighting equipment for minimally invasive and major surgical procedures. This extends from spine, cardiac, pediatric, oncology to oral, colon, gynecologic, orthopedic, sports medicine operations. Minimally invasive surgery ranges from urological conditions, lung tumors, gastroesophageal reflux disease, atrial septal defects to varicose veins, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, gallbladder cancer, hernias, obesity. These endoscopic procedures have a low risk of infection, faster recovery times, small incisions, reduced loss of blood and less pain. Master Bond adhesives can be formulated to resist abrasion, provide excellent optical properties, while meeting USP Class VI requirements for biocompatibility and ISO10993-5 requirements for non-cytotoxicity.

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