Adhesive, Sealant and Coating Systems for Packaging EquipmentFrom bar code readers to conveyor systems to check weighers to fillers to cooling and drying machines Master Bond adhesives/sealants have a well earned reputation for reliability and dependability. As the market for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, hardware, personal care and chemical packaging systems has evolved, our compounds have provided solutions to meet difficult application requirements. Competitive pressure continues to grow and the need for multifunctional equipment is more prevalent. Master Bond has developed products offering engineers enhanced capabilities for these challenges. This has enabled manufacturers to keep expenses under control and to achieve their profitability goals.


Ergonomically designed equipment assembled with advanced adhesive systems allows more floor space, lower energy usage and improved productivity. Special attention is given to bonding similar and dissimilar substrates including metals, metal alloys, rubbers, ceramics, composites and most plastics. Specific grades feature thermal stability, vibration, dampening, sound deadening, corrosion protection and unmatched long term durability. Additionally an emphasis is placed on maximizing equipment longevity, reduction of downtime and reducing packaging/material waste. New innovations such as vision technology will expand business opportunities and the necessity for custom adhesive products.

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