Adhesive Compounds for Camera Module Assembly

Utilize the most technologically advanced adhesive compounds to assemble reliable, affordable camera modules in short cycle times. As demand has grown for compact camera modules (CCM) Master Bond has led the way in helping design engineers to meet their requirements for miniaturized, low power, low illumination, high resolution systems. Used in consumer electronics, automotive, security/surveillance, gaming, healthcare, defense markets we provide the technical expertise and have pioneered solutions to give your brands a competitive edge.

From die attach to underfill materials to electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) to UV/visible light cure positioning/alignment systems Master Bond's product line is cutting edge. Multiple grades have been developed for adhering different components/surfaces including those employed in the assembly of handheld devices (both fixed-focus and auto-focus modules). This extends from lens barrels to image sensors to IR filters to magnets to housings to flexible PCB reinforcement and more. Paste, low viscosity, film adhesive systems have been engineered to adhere well to ceramic, glass, FR4, ABS, PC and PPS surfaces. Special systems have superior strength to liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and polyphthalamide (PPA) substrates.

Solvent free, ROHS compliant, one and two component systems can be dispensed automatically, semi-automatically and manually. They feature low outgassing, thermal stability, low shrinkage and fast processing speeds upon exposure to heat, UV light or at ambient temperatures. Select formulations withstand 85°C/85% RH testing, are halogen free per IEC 61249-2-21 standards, cure at low temperatures, have shock-absorbing capabilities and are opaque/transparent. Dual UV/thermal cure systems are employed for concealed areas. Isotropic electrically conductive snap cure adhesives have low volume resistivity for electrical connection/grounding. Low stress die attach compounds control die warpage to allow enhanced longevity, quality, performance.

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