Hand Lay up Manufacturing for CompositesSimple, low cost, open mold fabrication process using liquid epoxy resin to position layers of laminations in a mold until desired shape/thickness is achieved. Woven such as plain, twill, plain basket waves, knitted, stitched bonded fabric layers are impregnated with an appropriate epoxy resin system by brush or roller to ensure high quality composite components/parts meet specific end use requirements. Vacuum bagging can be placed over the lay-up to assure no air entrapment or voids during polymorization. Room temperature, heat (oven) and autoclave curing products are available for processing low, medium, high production needs. Heat cure systems should be deliberately ramped up and down in temperature to prevent distortions/warpage from uneven expansion/contraction. Secondary posture process will enhance/maximize composite performance capability. Usage extends from wind turbine blades, auto/bus parts, aircraft components, structural panels, air handling equipment, housing, marine systems.

Most Popular Epoxy for Wet Lay-up and Hand Lay-up

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