Master Bond’s technical service department provides engineers with support throughout the design process to meet the needs of the application. In this episode, Max introduces us to the “Smart Bot” and explains the mechanical and thermal properties required to bring it to life.




Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Max, Master Bond’s representative for adhesives, sealants and coatings. Thanks for coming to see the SmartBot cooling and cooking system come to life.

To get this robot up and running, engineers looked at advanced adhesives that met very specific performance requirements. For example, the arms needed high strength structural bonds to keep him in shape. The sensors demand coatings with high optical transmittance to keep things clear, and his intricate circuitry needs thermally conductive adhesives. To keep his electronics functioning properly, we protected them with potting and encapsulation compounds. The SmartBot also requires materials that withstand rigorous thermal cycling and are FDA approved for direct contact with food.

As you see, here at Master Bond, our technical experts work with engineers across many industries to meet product design specifications. So give us a call today and see your designs come to life.