Max's video game adventure takes you through fast paced twists and turns as Max discusses the different compounds used for the protection of electronic components. Learn how to successfully protect your electronics with Master Bond's high performance glob top, conformal coating and potting compounds.




Video Transcript

Hi I’m Max, Master Bond’s representative on adhesives, sealants and coatings, but today, you can call me Mighty Max! I’m here on a quest to protect sensitive electronics from the dangers of the environment. Follow me!

We’re at the dragon’s lair to protect these components from extreme environmental conditions. Brrr! It’s chilly in here, but not for long, the dragon will be back any minute. We better work fast! Potting and encapsulation will work best to save these electronic parts. Master Bond offers a wide variety of epoxy, silicone and UV curable systems that are easy to handle and can cure in thick sections up to 2-3 inches deep.

Here comes the dragon! His fire breath is no match for our encapsulation! Those components will also be able to withstand rigorous thermal cycling and exposure to cryogenic temperatures.

We have to keep moving, we have more electronics to save! You might think that we don’t have anything to worry about out here, but all of the dirt and dust out here are ready to attack the delicate parts inside this control panel. A conformal coating is just the thing to protect them. We have several systems in our arsenal, including epoxies, silicone and UV curable formulations that offer superior abrasion resistance.

Oh no! A dust storm!! Looks like we’re all clear thanks to our conformal coating. What’s more, the coating will enhance the reliability and long-term performance of these electronics.

Hey, we made it to the final level! We need to protect this circuit board from all the dangers lurking in this lab. This looks like a job for a glob top material, which can protect against moisture and contaminants. Master Bond has one and two part epoxies as well as UV curable systems that are well suited for this type of application. Dr. Doom is no match for our glob top!

We did it! With the help of Master Bond’s adhesives, sealants and coatings, we were able to protect the electronic components from harsh environments and chemicals. Call us today to see what we can do for your electronic application.