Travel with Maximus Bond as he goes back in time to review the progress of the transportation industry from the past to today. From trains to cars to planes, Max takes you on an exciting journey showing how Master Bond's advanced adhesive systems can help this ever evolving industry move forward!




Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Max, Master Bond’s representative for adhesives, sealants and coatings. We invite you to travel with us on this trip from yester-year, to today, and beyond. Follow me!

From steam locomotives to electric and diesel trains, components were assembled by mechanical fasteners. Today structural bonding adhesives are used to adhere similar and dissimilar substrates. This helps improve the stress distribution and load bearing capacity, minimizes corrosion and dampens vibration. Master Bond high strength compounds are essential to keeping passenger and freight trains right on schedule.

Now that I mentioned materials, it’s time for a road trip! (Car scene) Noisy, heavy vehicles have evolved into sleek, quiet machines. Rivets, spot welding and brazing are continually being replaced with efficient adhesive systems as vehicle lightweighting has gained momentum. Master Bond offers systems with superior corrosion resistance that protect against harsh automotive environments. Specific grades feature sound dampening, excellent mechanical properties, electrical insulation and gap filling capabilities.

Flight MB154 is ready to depart….please step aboard and fasten your seatbelts. Master Bond formulations have always met the stringent specifications of the aerospace industry. Certain grades offer resistance to vibration, shock, and impact. They withstand thermal cycling and are serviceable from cryogenic temperatures up to +600°F. Select systems meet NASA low outgassing specifications and federal aviation standards.

Ahoy to the seafarers out there. Like other transportation equipment, ship building components have changed over the years. Today’s epoxy systems are highly specialized, protecting and adhering well to submerged surfaces. Innovative solvent free, cold curing epoxy systems feature resistance to water and many chemicals. Let’s not forget about the high tech electronics on the bridge requiring potting and encapsulation compounds. Paste systems are used for repairing cracks or worn metal components.

We’ve covered a lot of ground today. Whether you’re traveling by land, air or sea, Master Bond will keep you moving in the right direction. Contact us today to discuss your application.