Master Bond EP21AO is a two component, thermally conductive, electrically isolating epoxy adhesive with a forgiving 1 to 1 mix ratio by weight or volume. Developed by Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. this compound is extremely versatile and will adhere well to variety of similar and dissimilar substrates.

Master Bond EP51FL is a new two component, highly flexible epoxy resin system developed by Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. for high performance bonding. EP51FL has a 1 to 1 mix ratio, weight or volume. It cures rapidly at room temperature and has a setup time of 30-40 minutes. Cure speeds can be accelerated by the use of heat.

A new room temperature curing, aluminum filled two component epoxy adhesive called EP22 has been introduced by Master Bond Inc. Hackensack N.J. This system has an easy to use one to one mix ratio by weight or volume. It produces durable high strength and tough bonds with outstanding adhesion to metals, particularly steel and aluminum.

Master Bond Inc. of Hackensack, New Jersey has developed a new two component epoxy system for service above 500°F. Called EP125, this compound is designed to withstand exposure to boiling acids, alkalis, salts, fuels and most organic solvents. It offers high bond strength to metallic and nonmetallic surfaces.

Master Bond Polymer System Supreme10HT/S is a uniquely formulated silver filled one component epoxy compound with an unsurpassed wide service temperature range from cryogenic service temperatures up to as high as 400°F.

Master Bond EP72M3 is a two component, tough, resilient elastomer modified epoxy adhesive for high performance general purpose bonding.