A new one component high performance silicone elastomer compound for bonding, sealing and coating has been developed by Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. called MasterSil 415. This formulation has high transparency and is particularly well suited for optical and display applications. It cures at ambient temperatures to a flexible, rubbery solid when exposed to atmospheric moisture.

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. is pleased to announce the development of a special dual cure (UV/heat curable) epoxy system called UV15DC80. It is designed for bonding, sealing, coating and potting applications. This compound has a low viscosity, is easy to apply and requires no mixing. Environmentally friendly, it is 100% solid and contains no solvents or volatiles.

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. has recently developed a new medium viscosity, two component epoxy adhesive/sealant, coating and casting compound called EP30HT. It is formulated to cure at room temperature or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. EP30HT features superior dimensional stability, superb optical clarity and high temperature resistance up to 400°F. It conforms to Title 21, U.S.

Master Bond Inc, Hackensack, N.J. has developed EP62-1MED, a new, two component epoxy adhesive system which features outstanding chemical and temperature resistance. This compound is specifically designed to withstand repeated cycles of steam, ethylene oxide, radiation and chemical sterilization.

Master Bond Polymer System Supreme 10HTFL is a new one component flexible high performance epoxy resin based adhesive/sealant with an exceptionally wide service temperature range of 4K to +350°F making it suitable for cryogenic applications. It cures readily to a tough, strong flexible thermoset polymer at temperatures of 250-300°F and above.

Master Bond Inc., Hackensack, N.J. has developed a new toughened one component heat curing epoxy adhesive/sealant, called EP17. This compound has a service operating range of from -300°F to as high as 600°F. It is formulated to cure at temperatures from 300°F to 350°F for 60-90 minutes.